Laura Weiss is an editor, journalist, and translator with over six years of editorial experience in digital media, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. She mostly covers immigration and human rights, primarily in the U.S., Mexico, and Central America, but also writes about health, disability, and television. She was most recently a Digital Product Manager at The New Republic, where she has also served as a social media editor, regularly contributes articles, and edits the Power Mad and Apocalypse Soon weekly newsletters, focused on politics and climate, respectively.

Before that, she was a Web Editor and Managing Editor at the North American Congress on Latin America for four years. Laura has a master’s degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from New York University, where she focused on U.S. policy in Mexico and human rights violations in the context of the drug war. She has been published in The New Republic, The Nation, LA Review of Books, In These Times, World Politics Review, Foreign Policy in Focus, NACLA, Truth Out, Medium, and Huffington Post

Laura also has a Substack newsletter about the progressive politics of millennial and Gen Z television. You can subscribe here.

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